Cowboy Bebop

Left of Me -- By Sonya. Spike/Faye and Vincent/Faye. Post-KoHD. Everybody has their breaking point.

Falling Star Series
The Art of Being Numb -- By Sonya. Part 1. Everyone's favorite Space Cowboy takes a long, cold shower after the events in Asteroid Blues and thinks about his life and whether or not anything really holds any meaning for him any more.
Bath Time with Toto -- By Sonya. Part 2. The guys have to give Ein a bath. Jet finds this very amusing. Spike does not.
Handcuffs and Gypsies -- By Sonya. Part 3. An untold encounter between Spike and Faye while she's held prisoner on the Bebop. People say that hate is the closest thing to love...
Gateway Gamble -- By Sonya. Part 4. Having just found Faye Valentine stranded out in space, Spike must go get her and bring her over to the Bebop so they can find out what she did with their thirty million woolongs. Sounds relatively simple in theory... Too bad things never seem to go smoothly for the Bebop crew.
Crossdressing for Dummies -- By Sonya. Part 5. Faye's thoughts while she's watching over the unconscious and wounded Spike until Jet comes to pick them up in the Bebop. Faye ponders the twists and turns her life's taken ever since she joined up with this troubled Space Cowboy and his crazy gang.
Mood Indigo -- By Sonya. Part 6. After the mission finally reaches its conclusion, a lonely Space Cowboy meditates on things he has no control over... until a certain shrew woman decides to knock some sense into him.
Translation: Insanity -- By Sonya. Part 7. The world as seen through the eyes of Jet Black.
Blind Lead the Blind -- By Sonya. Part 8. Her hospital room is full of ghosts, both living and dead. Can a woman without sight help one of those ghosts find peace?

Through the Glass, Darkly -- By Sonya. |WIP| A Cowboy Bebop/Matrix crossover. (Major Spoilers for KoHD, HLW and RFB2) "Spike's fingers found themselves drawn irresistibly to the round, metallic disk in the back of his neck. And then they traveled upwards, touching his head where he could feel the stubble of newly growing hair just starting to appear..."
Prologue: Blue
Chapter 1: Keep Myself Awake
Chapter 2: Welcome to the Real World
Chapter 3: Where These Dreams Go
Chapter 4: Black Balloon
Chapter 5: Lies
Chapter 6: Learn to Fear
Chapter 7: Party Fears Two
Chapter 8: Exit Light, Enter Night
Chapter 9: Mona Lisa Overdrive