Say the Words -- By Sonya. Something like dreaming; something like forgiving. [SLASH, spoilers for Not Fade Away]
Odi et Amo -- By Sonya. It's really all a question of desire. [HET, spoilers through The Girl in Question]
Vendetta -- By Sonya. "The mansion on Crawford Street had returned to its state of dishevelled splendour." [GEN, Connor POV]
Life, The Universe, And How Guys Are (Almost) More Trouble Than They're Worth -- By Sonya. "Tell me again how your head became a pinata." [GEN, Cordelia POV]
The Descent of Cordelia -- A collaborative fanfic writing project retelling the ancient legend of The Descent of Inanna in the Angel-verse. (Sonya wrote part 5!) What would Cordelia do to bring Doyle back? How far would she be willing to go? And what would he be willing to do to stop her from making the ultimate sacrifice on his behalf? [GEN, but with implied Cordelia/Doyle]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Hindsight -- By Sonya. "He said I was the one who sees everything. So why does it feel like I've been blind for years?" [GEN, Xander POV]
Wisdom in the Teeth -- By carynsilver. Buffy must have her wisdom teeth removed; Xander plays nursemaid.
Best Friends with Benefits -- By Sonya and carynsilver. SHS five year reunion. B/X schmoop with a dash of angst on the side. AU for everything after The I in Team.

The Waiting Room -- By carynsilver. Takes place after Hero, a fix-it story.

The Slayer and Her Demon Series
Solace -- By Sonya. Part 1. Doyle comes back from the dead and sees something that drives him away from LA and away from his friends. Then he meets a certain blonde Slayer...
Distance -- By Sonya. Part 2. Buffy can't seem to get Doyle out of her mind, even though she's in the middle of a relationship with Riley.
Gravity -- By Sonya. Part 3. What happens when Doyle arrives in Sunnydale and encounters a very irate Slayer?
Warmth -- By Sonya. Part 4. The calm before the storm...
Rain -- By Sonya. Part 5. It's time to face the music. [Not Yet Written]

the destiny lost archive
By Sonya and carynsilver. This is our epic Buffy/Xander series, which explores how the world of Sunnydale would be different if Buffy had not become the slayer when she did.