Stand Alone, Gen
Blue Like Water -- By Sonya. River POV. Rushing like waves, falling like rain.
Unsanitary -- By Sonya. Multiple POVs. Just a little moment in the life of Serenity's crew.
Propriety -- By Sonya. Simon POV. River had always been good at keeping secrets. Simon had always been good at getting caught.
Fairy Tales and Sandcastles -- By Sonya. River POV. "The sleeping prince was helpless."
The Golden Rule (Lies Your Parents Told You) -- By Sonya. Mal POV. "His mama brought him up right."

Stand Alone, Het
one breath before dying -- By Sonya. Simon/Kaylee. Absolution found in skin, sanity found in touch.
Intolerable Cruelty -- By Sonya. Simon/Saffron. Two people, one locked closet, no key. This is what happens when things don't go smooth.
Choose Your Battles Wisely -- By Sonya. Wash/Zoe. Humor. Wash is a soldier, too.
A Bundle of Confusion -- By carynsilver. Wash/Zoe, Simon/Kaylee. Things don't always go smooth... but sometimes that's okay.
In the Wash -- By Sonya. Wash/Zoe. "Guilt won't kill a man, but sure'n it'll make him sweat a lot."
The Hard Way -- By Sonya. Simon/Zoe friendship, past Simon/Kaylee romance. "Oh, of course, that's what this is about! The captain's precious schedule. Well, far be it from me to keep him from his oh-so-important crime!"

Stand Alone, Slash
A Little More Silence -- By Sonya. Simon/Book. "He ignores everything but the memory of friendly laughter and gentle hands."
Process of Elimination -- By Sonya. Simon/Jayne. "So... what? You thought about all the possibilities and, by process of elimination, picked me?"

The Strategic Advantage Series, Slash, Simon/Jayne
Water Damage -- By Sonya. Part 1. First impressions aren't always right, as Simon is beginning to learn.
Breathing Like the Drowning Man -- By Sonya. Part 2. Simon's not the only one rethinking first impressions.
The Old Lull and Pounce (Like the Bait and Switch, Only Sexier) -- By Sonya. Part 3. Jayne needs a plan. Stat.

Stand Alone, Implied Het and Slash
The Widening Gyre -- By Sonya. Multiple POVs. Loyalty. Betrayal. Ariel. Here are five things that never happened.
Pons Asinorum (The Bridge of Fools) -- By Sonya. Multiple POVs. "He's been accepted here. He's one of them, just as he intended to be when he first set foot on this ship. He's family."
Lookin' for Trouble in all the Wrong Places -- By Sonya. Badger POV. Trouble always seems to find poor Badger.

For the World is Hollow, and I Have Touched the Sky -- by Sonya. WIP. Sam/River/Dean. Dean swallowed nervously. "Well, Toto," he whispered to himself, "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."