Anthropomorph Romance
The Corruption of Canon -- By Sonya.
[Canon/Fanon] "He knew it was wrong, he'd known it the entire time, but Canon just couldn't help himself."

Dark Angel
Bill of Service -- By Sonya. Het, Max POV. "Alec was annoying; Max glared at him. That was just how it worked."

Disney's Descendants
More Than The First Time -- By carynsilver. Het, Ben/Mal. "Ben would never get enough of kissing Mal now that he had full permission to do so. She tasted like the strawberries that she loved to steal from the kitchens, but also like freedom—something he'd both always had in abundance and yet never truly had."
Stronger Together -- By carynsilver. Het, Ben/Mal, Doug/Evie, Jane/Carlos, Jay/Lonnie. "The VKs had each other—a bond formed years ago, soldered and forged in the flames of the Isle of the Lost to be nigh unbreakable. The HKs who loved them knew each other before, but they didn't know each other. Not truly. However, the HKs who loved VKs needed support, too, and who better to find it with than each other?"

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Act 0 (A.K.A. Dr. Horrible Will See You Now) - by Sonya. Gen, Billy POV. "This is the day of the super villain, when brains will win out over brawn, and the power will shift to a new pair of hands. (Hopefully, you know, MY hands, but anyway...)"

Living Like a Burning Man -- By Sonya. Gen, Peter POV. AU after 1x11. "He's surrounded by people who are young enough to be his grandchildren, though you wouldn't know it just by looking."

Always Forward -- By carynsilver. Het, Bughead, College AU. "He had to be dreaming. In fact, he might have had this dream before. Maybe not recently, but surely in Toledo or Queens. Before he realized the past was past and all he could do was move on."

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
Proof -- By Sonya. Slash. "Of course, there is also the possibility that I have just gone insane."

Boris Karloff Meets the Sliders - by Sonya. Gen. Remy gets bored; Arturo gets snarky; Quinn and Wade go shopping. All in all? It's just another day in the life of four interdimensional travelers.

Clark, Lex and the Great Christmas Caper! - by Sonya. Clark is going to make sure Lex has the perfect Christmas.... or die trying. Cue Mission: Impossible theme song. [CLEX]
With Blisters Plague - by Sonya. Lex dreams. [CLEX]
Blinded (When I See You) - by Sonya. "I feel incredibly stupid dressed as a cartoon character." [CLEX]
Time Means Everything - by Sonya. "He was eternal. Those he loved were not." [CLEX]

Adieu - by Sonya. [PG13, Michael/Selene] "The universe certainly had a twisted sense of humor. Michael was still waiting for the punch line, though."

William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury
Chasing Sunlight - by Sonya. [PG13, non-graphic sex, voyeurism, incestuous overtones, Quentin/Caddy, Caddy/OMC] "She laughs and sighs and smiles so bright I can see it even when I'm not looking."

Scars - by Sonya. Logan. Kurt. Reflections on impermanence. [SLASH]